Thursday, May 05, 2005

Mad Love From Mad City

Yesterday we made the drive from Chicago to Madison, Wisconsin. There we were warmly welcomed (complete with a delicious cheese platter!) by Madison Area Technical College’s Social Change Collective. Social Change Collective is an amazing organization of students in the human services who address all sorts of issues related to social justice. They had been preparing for us for weeks, handing out over 10,000 fliers at schools, the farmer’s market, and around the city! We owe many thanks to Harold Gates, Kirsten Christianson, and the many volunteers who put so much time and effort into this pit stop.

All this hard work certainly paid off, we had a great turnout, and a very engaging discussion. This event differed from many of our others in that the audience was not just students, but a whole range of ages and backgrounds. There were students our ages, older adults, and even a group from the local Boys & Girls Club. We heard from a lot of parents about the challenges (and optimism) they found in raising their children to be proud of all aspects of their heritages. It sounds like the Madison community and schools work very hard to be inclusive and supportive of mixed people and families, which is so wonderful.

It was interesting to hear from people who are of older generations about the way they have seen changes in people’s ability or interest in identifying as mixed race. What kind of changes will we see throughout the rest of our lifetime? One woman commented that she would like to see the five of us in 15 years and see how we identify at that point in our lives. We will definitely be interested to see this as well. Generation MIX 2020 reunion tour, anyone?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

We also REALLY enjoyed having you guys come to madison!!! it was great to see some of what we have been studying and some of the things we have talked about, put into action by your crew!!! I admire all of you and pray that this has been a life changing and positive experience for all of you!! Thanks so much for coming to madtown!!!


May 06, 2005 11:29 AM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

One other thing i just remebered.. i dont know if you guys were able to see the newspaper article that the Capitol times did here in Madison on you, but here is the website for the article.

The picture isnt on here but there was a nice big picture with the article...!!


May 06, 2005 11:39 AM

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