Monday, May 02, 2005

HELLO!!!! - Ashley

Time has passed by soooo fast. Already its been almost 5 weeks on the road and 7 weeks that the five of us have been together 24/7. I know that this might be a little to early to write this but...oh well. It's just crazy to me how the five of us have gotten along so well, so quickly. The last couple of weeks are creeping up very fast and it will hard to say goodbye to these people who I have gotten to know so well, maybe a little to well:o) I have learned so much from them in only a matter of time. Since this is basically my second year of being involved in a multi-racial organization/project, doing this tour I will be able to take back so much information that I have learnt from my other crew members, whom some have been doing this kind of work for years. It was great to meet their families also. To see where they grew, the enivironment in which they were raised, and what kind of background they had growing up multi-racial. Yet, not only have I learned from the experiences of my fellow mates but I will also be able to take back all the interesting observations I have made and discussions I have had with others from all over the country.

It is interesting to see what other mixed race communities are like in the very distinctive different areas of the country. California for example has a more larger Asian population then say Arizona or Georgia. Or that in New Orleans the Creole population has been around for years. It is just so interesting for to be able to see how the U.S. is broken up in all its multi-racial glory;)

Well, 13 down and 4 more events to go. Wish us luck as we try to make our way back home (I'm surprised we've even made it this far considering the RV and such). I know we are excited to wind down but sad to say goodbye at the same time to everything we have known in the past 2 months. But no goodbyes yet, we still have a week and a half to go!


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