Tuesday, May 03, 2005

Driving through the Ace Deuce - Geetha

After a long and intense week of four back-to-back events, and an eight-hour drive for a ten-minute meeting (the most incredible ten-minute meeting of my life), we were able to unwind a little with some hometown visits. First we stopped in Pittsburgh to meet Aaron’s family and then moved on to Ann Arbor to see mine. It was so great not just to be at home (and sleep in my own bed instead of a hotel), but also to introduce the crew to my friends and family. Everyone at home said they felt like they already knew the crew from reading the blog and whatnot, but I’m glad that everyone got to spend time together.

On Sunday we were honored to have dinner with Wally Tsuha from Saturn Engineering and Electronics and his wife Kim. They have been so amazingly supportive of the tour, so it was a pleasure to meet them and learn more about what got them interested in the tour and the experiences they have had. Many thanks for a wonderful diner and for making this tour possible!

I really enjoyed having the crew in my hometown because hopefully it gives them a better idea of where I’m coming from and the experiences I’ve had. We all talk about our stories of growing up, and I like seeing where it all happened because I think it provides a more complete context. Interestingly, I have found that while the rest of the crew can understand me better after meeting my friends and family, it seems as though my friends and family can now understand me better after meeting the crew. Being a part of this tour has really opened up lines of communication with my friends and family to talk about race. Race is a very frightening thing in our country; there is no question that racism is very much prevalent, but nobody wants to talk about it. Since I am spending two months doing nothing but talk about race, it only follows that those close to me end up doing the same. I don’t remember talking about race or being biracial with my family very often, but now I have gotten to talk a lot about it with my parents and sister. I have even had some conversations with my cousins that I never expected to have.

I hope that this tour spurs dialogue in other families besides my own. I think that a lot of parents are afraid to talk about race with their children because they don’t want to admit to their children how scary and prejudiced the world really is. I can’t imagine telling a child that there are going to be people who not only will judge you, but will possibly hate you, because of your heritage. But at the same time, I think it’s better to tell children the reality of the situation while educating them about why this is an unfair view. What better way to stop them from being prejudiced themselves at they grow up?


Anonymous Anonymous said...

Who is that hot girl with the hail shirt and glasses??? Ha ha.... we LOVED having you come home, Geetha, and all of your new friends are so cool. Come back to Ann Arbor sometime soon!!


May 04, 2005 10:53 AM


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