Sunday, May 08, 2005

Captain's Log: Idaho - Aaron

The trek from Minneapolis to Idaho was long and arduous. Twenty six hours of unending claustrophobia. The gentle hum of Mad Max the Road Warrior's engine always in the background. She did a good job on the day's journey, only having problems once when she over-heated in North Dakota. We were lucky enough to be at a BP station with a restaurant while we waited for her to cool down, an extra fortunate event since I've never seen one before. I had the Beer Cheese soup (watered down cheeze whiz) and one of the worst taco salads I've ever tasted.

We had the opportunity to view some very beautiful landscape scenery. The badlands of North Dakota, the majestic Rockies, the fringes of Yellowstone National Park, all awesome in their beauty. We saw wild elk, and deer, and I had the chance to see my first wild moose, just chillin in a river. Today we went to some natural thermal hot springs and went swimming in the coldest river ever.

Life on the road has been more trucker, less rock star than I would have expected (although I have found a few groupies along the way). The over-sensitive water nozzles that with a slight movement of a fraction of a millimeter turns the water from liquid ice to liquid magma spewing down the back of your neck. My body has turned into putty long ago, the only "exercise facilities" being available consisting of no more some busted bike machines. I've lost all but six pairs of underwear. I started the trip with over two dozen. Since there are so few laundromats within walking distance of our hotels, I'm ashamed to admit that I've had to resort to the inside-out rule more than once. One positive is that I've had the chance to overcome my phobia of public rest-rooms via necessity.

Last night we went out on the town in Boise. Ashley's mother treated us to dinner at a really nice restaurant. After dinner we went out on the town in Boise. It was a pretty good time. I got asked "what nationality" I was three times. I still get a kick out of answering "American" and confusing people. Its nice to know that this trip is still relevant.

After tomorrow we will be back in Seattle. Even though I know that I'm going to miss this trip and my fellow comrades, I am looking forward to going home and sleeping in my own bed. One of the things I have taken with me on this tour is an appreciation for social justice. I look forward to joining all of the clubs I can when I get back to Morgantown. Nihilism is dead.


Anonymous John Martin, friend of Matt said...

I am really perked by your closing comment "nihilism is dead". Were you nihilistic BEFORE ??

Perked-up because it seems to me that so MUCH fashionable youth music, cinema, art, etc. in the 2000s is VERY nihilistic. I see so many teenagers in malls or moping on street corners one-upping each other on how BORED they are, how exTREMEly boring everything is, how boring everyONE is, and so forth. I have always believed in an old novelist's quote "Life is so full of a number of things that we should all be as happy as kings" (or queens!).

So, I am wondering -- were you nihilistically bored before, such that this tour really changed your perspective ?

Here is another quote you can post somewhere -- from a humorist Fran Lebowitz and taken out of a strange context but it stands on its own as the epitaph for your wonderful tour.

"When you travel, you pay much more attention. That's why people find travelling interesting. They could find their own lives more interesting if they just paid more attention wherever they are".

Or my short version: "You should visit where you live".

Congratulations on the cure for nihilism.

May 09, 2005 9:32 AM

Anonymous Teana said...

you have groupies? lol. good times.

May 09, 2005 5:12 PM

Anonymous Anonymous said...

can i keep you?

May 10, 2005 9:47 AM

Anonymous Groupie of Aaron said...

I believe John Martin is confused on the idea of nihilism. (Laymen’s: belief in nothing, not being bored.) Being bored is the effect dute to lack of imagination and interest in the common surroundings, not necessarily caused by the belief in nothing. One could go as far to say that nihilism is a relief to boredom by freeing one of the responsibility that anything has meaning or that anyone need to feel empathy in their actions.

Anyway, Aaron just emphasizes his belief in social justice. That society and the little things do matter. Not that he was bored with life before this event just that "other" ideas have come to life.

May 10, 2005 10:24 AM

Anonymous aaron said...

okay... no, you can't keep me. and that is really freakin creepy. As my faithful fan said, I was affirming my commitment to social justice, not saying i was bored. But even if ur not bored, any person can make the mistake of falling into the daily routine of things. That is why it is great whenever something extraordinaty like this tour comes along. It has really put a lot of things into perspective. This tour consumed my entire life for two months, and I am sure that i will not be the same person when I return. -thanx

May 11, 2005 11:56 AM

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