Friday, May 13, 2005

Captain's Log - Aaron

Mad Max the Road Warrior has officially been retired. As she heads home across the Puget Sound to lick her wounds, I wonder if she'll miss us. I know we'll miss her. A fine and gallant ship she was, even if she did have a cruel sense of humor.

After today, our official obligations will be over. We still have a lot of obligatory stuff to do (accounting, thank yous, insurance) but there will be no more speaking engagements for the GenMix crew. We did our last keynotes at a couple of private schools yesterday here in Seattle. St.Therese Catholic school and Echo Glen Juvenile detention center were nice enough to host our final speaking gigs. Both of these diverse student bodies surprised me with their intelligence and had a myriad of though-provoking questions for us to answer.

What is in store for me next is pretty uncertain right now. I feel like I have totally uprooted myself from my secure bubble of a life at school. It's as if I have put everything in a jar and shook it all up, and I don't know where all the pieces are going to fall. Whenever you leave familiar surroundings behind like this, it is bound to put a few things into perspective. I know that I'm going to return to school at WVU and my job at the Pita Pit, but beyond that I'm not that sure. I have the feeling that no matter where I am heading, this experience has given me some useful tools, if only I can keep my feet strait on the good red road.

We're planning on taking the train to Vancouver for the weekend. This trip is different from all the rest in that it is purely for pleasure. Our first post-tour venture into civilian life. I'm looking forward to being in a city where we have no obligations to fulfill. It's going to be a whole different experience traveling a city incognito, without the blazon colors of Mad Max sticking out like a sore thumb. It's an ironic twist, to have the final destination of the Generation Mix National Awareness Tour be an unofficial vacation in Canada.

On a final note, I would like to extend my sincerest thanks to all of the great people I have met along the way. I have made acquaintance with some of the most unique, intelligent, thoughtful people during these five months on the road. I have made many friends along the way. I hope that I can keep in touch with these people, and that in future endeavors, our paths will once again cross. I want anyone to know that if they are ever in the Pittsburgh/Morgantown area, they have a friend to call.


Anonymous Anonymous said...

hey i wanted to say CONGRADS to all the members of the tour. i wanted to say that all the MESH people in SC were hearing little updates about the tour. i have been reading and watching it on the site. i hope that all of you guys learned alot and experienced many good things!!

laters. angela from UCSC mesh!!
hi jamie!!

May 13, 2005 1:06 PM

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