Monday, April 04, 2005

The Night Before - Jamie

We've been working long and hard trying to get things together for this big first event tomorrow. Final hour revisions, last minute vehicle issues, tons of supply shopping and of course those all important trial run throughs. My biggest fear was that we'd fall short on time and content, but we hit our goal length right on target and the first feedback we got from Marinda, Amanda and Matt was pretty helpful. I'm not dreading tomorrow too too much - I can have a thing for staying calm that helps me get through ceratin situations. I know that as funny as it may seem, tomorrow's first event will be a trial for us in certain ways because this is totally uncharted territory for us. I'm sure that by the time we make it 3, 5, 8 stops along the tour we'll feel incredibly more comfortable and I'm sure will have a lot more to say. Talk to ya then..


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