Friday, April 15, 2005

Good Eatin' - Charles

Food here in Texas is fantastic. Portions here are HUGE and extremely fattening; I love it! Last night we went to this place in Austin called Polvo’s – that was probably the finest Mexican food I have had in recent memory. You guys should check out that place if you're in the area!

I am constantly surprised by the level of hospitality here in Texas. I must admit before coming to this state I had a few reservations about how I, we would be treated here. My initial impressions have been mainly influenced from what I have seen on the television and read in the magazines, but through interactions with the locals here I've come to see Texas in an entirely different light. The people here are courteous, polite, and seem genuinely interested in what we have to say about Generation MIX. I mean, it's inevitable that we're always going to be approached by strangers drawn by the colorful RV!

One of the best things about going on the Generation MIX Tour is being constantly surprised from these experiences, and how they reshape any preconceived impressions. We are going to be hitting the Deep South in a couple of days, probably the furthest from anything I've experienced in Seattle, and although I don't know too much about the cultures there, I am very much excited to again be wronged by what I experience there.


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