Friday, April 01, 2005

The Final Countdown - Geetha

Oh man, I can't believe that our first event is only a few days away. How did it sneak up on us so quickly? In many ways it seems like we just got to Seattle. I feel like I am still getting to know the other crewmembers and I still don't really know my way around (probably because I just rely on Charles, the Seattle native, to get us everywhere). At the same time, I know that we have accomplished and learned so much already. These two weeks of training have been packed... but can we maybe just have one more? There is still so much to do before the kick-off on Monday.

We have been really focusing now on getting everything set for the activity stations and the keynote presentation. The keynote presentation is what is making me really nervous. It is not easy to combine all of our experiences, stories, and ideas into a cohesive presentation that addresses so many aspects of the multiracial community's needs and issues--all in about an hour. I hope that the format we decided on will be well-received.

As nervous as I am about everything, I am also very optimistic. We recently talked to people from the host organizations and it was great to hear about all they're doing to prepare for the events. They are working really hard and I can't wait to meet them all in person.

The next few days are going to be packed. I hope everyone is ready!


Anonymous Anonymous said...

It is refreshing to read but I can see that it is a young person's 'game." Have most of the visitors to your sessions been mixed? Has anyone considered talking to or bring 'old farts' that are of mixed parents to the scene? Thanks for the look inside to what you are doing. Many good things start from small actions. a former staff member of Emerson School, Ann Arbor, MI

April 09, 2005 7:25 AM


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