Thursday, April 21, 2005

The Atlanta School - Charles

The Atlanta School invited the Generation MIX crew today to give a short presentation on mixed race issues. Prior to today, our primary audience has been college students, parents, and members of communities interested in hearing us talk. We've never spoken in front of an entire audience consisting entirely of school children before, and thus had to reconfigure our keynote presentation in order to make it child-friendly. Luckily Geetha, who has had experience working with school children, came up with a fun activity where everyone was given colored dots and had to "form their groups." It was a cleverly planned activity that elevated a lot of intelligent discussion.

The kids themselves were really cute and asked a lot of important questions. I was caught aback several times by the level of intellect that these kids possessed. We were given a tour of their school, and it literally took my breath away to see their academic accomplishments. One girl was writing a 10page thesis paper on the Thirty Year's War, and she's only 11years old. Another student was working on a large format oil painting. I think I was still learning my multiplication tables when I was at that age. I'm gonna go crawl into a corner and cry myself to sleep in humiliation and shame.


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