Wednesday, March 30, 2005

Our RV

This morning we took a ferry ride across the Puget Sound Bay to Kingston, where we had our first glimpse of the RV that will carry us on the strenuous trip. It's pretty huge; we were able to fit seven people comfortably in it without being crowded, but that does not include all of the Generation MIX materials, supplies, food, and clothes that we are going to be bringing as well. After cleaning the exterior in preparation for the sticker wrap that will eventually cover it, we took turns driving it for practice. We still need to christen it with a name. Any suggestions?

Here is Ashley's first reaction upon looking at the RV.

She wasn't the only one a little bit disappointed with the... ahem... thing.

But a little scrubbing did it some good.

Here are some photos of the crew washing the RV.

Geetha sips on some tea to hopefully cure a pesky sore throat.

The group's first RV cat nap.


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